For professionnals

Demonstration video by Poel Bosbouwartikelen 
Poel Forestry Products is a privileged distributor of Catefix 2020.   

At Poel Bosbouwartikelen you will find all the information, knowledge and skills you need to properly fight the oak processionary caterpillar. This video shows an event of Poel Bosbouwartikelen B.V.



Demonstration video 2 - Nest spraying

In this video you get an answer to the question whether you can use the Catefix 2020 during the fire-hair season of the oak processionary caterpillar.

On this page especially for professionals, you will soon find several applications. Think of a professional application, using a lance of about 10 metres.  This way, Catefix can be applied quickly and efficiently without the use of an aerial platform.  


Timelapse Video of a nest treated with Catefix


Condor Safety has been your specialist partner for personal protective equipment since 2008. We advise customers in different sectors (pruning, firefighter, industry, building, ...). Furthermore, we do our utmost to offer a very high level solution, tailor-made training courses are also possible. This is done on the basis of discussions with the professional user.

This is how we came into contact with Catefix. The PPE to combat the oak processionary Caterpillar is already part of our range, and has now been completed with Catefix.

As we attach great importance to environmental protection, we are convinced of the advantages of Catefix.

Catefix is biodegradable, easy to apply, durable and eliminates nuisance immediately. The product is safe for humans and the environment. The results are promising and the users are enthusiastic.