The lasting solution in the fight against the processionary caterpillar

Catefix cooperates with :
More than 30 municipalities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany  
More than 200 gardeners / arboriculturists and pest controllers. 

Scherpenbergh Golf Club
Ralph Balduk (Head Greenkeeper Club Scherpenbergh Golf Club) '' We have been using it since this year and we have noticed that the nuisance with the trees treated with catefix has disappeared immediately. I have been looking for a biological agent that is not harmful to the environment and is easy to apply. Catefix meets all our expectations! ‘’

General Tree Service of Limburg
Pascal Niessen: "The efficient application method makes Catefix an economical and ecological product. Environmentally friendly, efficient, economical".

Fokke Hoekman, Hoekman pest control B.V.
''It is simply very easy to treat and apply with a good result. The hairs can no longer fly away. I have checked it several times and I can clearly see that the nest is completely encapsulated. I fully support this product as a pest controller''.

Toon de Clercq, Roosendaal (private)
'' We used catefix and it works very easily. The nest has been well injected and has become completely hard''.


Catefix dealers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany :
- Articles from Poel Forestry (Apeldoorn, Baambrugge and Veghel)
- Mertens (Horst, IJsselmuiden and Someren)
- AgroWin (Winterswijk and Goor) 
- Agro Eagle (Kesteren)
- ProGrasS (Zeewolde)
- Condor Safety (Menin)
- Agritura Raiffeisen (Glandorf / Lienen / Versmold)